Guests are welcome to attend any and all workshops offered by STING.

Guests are invited by a current member, or are contacted by a current member, if they’ve expressed an interest in attending a regular meeting after a workshop meeting.

Guests are introduced by the inviting member, or the Guest Coordinator if the inviting member is not in attendance.

Guests are welcome to visit twice as observers.

If they are interested in joining STING, guests are welcome to fill out a membership application.

Once the application is received, the membership team will review both the application and references.

If everything checks out, and the membership team is in agreement, the applicant will be asked to present to the STING group.

When you present to the group, please be prepared to speak for about 10 minutes on the following:

  1.  An overview of your business, background and the services/products you offer.
  2.  What results/benefits you would like to get from joining the group.
  3.  What value/contributions you feel you can bring to the group.

After their presentation, the applicant will be notified by their inviting member or by the membership team to let them know the final application decision.

Annual membership is from January through December, at the cost of $60 per business.

Members joining mid-year will pay a pro-rated membership fee calculated at $5/month.

Updated 12/07/2018

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